Effective at 1:15 pm Central time, SPP has declared an Energy Emergency Alert (EEA) Level 1 for its entire 14-state balancing authority area. Generation is currently sufficient to serve system-wide demand across the region and to fully satisfy operating reserve requirements. We continue to urge all homes and businesses throughout our 14-state region to conserve electricity but are not directing any interruptions of service at this time. The public should follow their service providers’ directions regarding local outages, tips for conservation and safety.
Previously, SPP had been in an EEA Level 2 since 6:28 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 16.

Please refer to your local emergency management agency for the most up to date information, as well as your local
National weather office.

The below are gathered links and sources that you may find helpful in the upcoming days. Please note the two attachments
Regarding Power Load Reduction planning and conditions.

These links are for your reference

Evergy Outage Map

KCC Corporation

KS Division of Emergency Management

Wichita Eagle Article

Governor Kelly Press Release: 02/15/2021
Gov. Laura Kelly holds a news conference to give an update on the extreme winter weather.
14:30 hours

February 16, 1968 sees the first official “911” call placed in the United States. Now taken for granted as first course of action in the event of emergency by nearly all of the nation’s 327 million people, 911 is a relatively recent invention and was still not standard across the United States for many years after its adoption by Congress

We thank you for working with us this morning. At 10:15, the SPP lifted the current order and intermittent outages have been suspended at this time. Power should be coming back online soon for those impacted. We thank you for conserving energy and ask that you continue to do so, which will help prevent more intermittent outages.
Celebrating Telecommunicators Worldwide: 112 Day
For the past 10 years, the European Emergency Number Association (EENA), and other emergency service number associations worldwide remind nations and communities of the value of the single emergency service number systems and the people who make them possible.
No matter what number people dial to request assistance, countries across the globe pause today – 112 Day – to recognize emergency and public safety communication personnel for the impact they have in our communities every day.

Free Web/Virtual Meeting

Click the link below to review the Kansas NG911 Buildout timeline.


Kansas 911 logo

As the Local Collection Point Administrator (LCPA) for the Kansas 911 Coordinating Council (“Council”), Mainstream Nonprofit Solutions, Inc. is issuing this RFP for the procurement of an Kansas 911 Communication and Training Coordinator and an additional Kansas 911 Liaison.  The two RFPs are attached.

While an individual may submit proposals for both RFPs, an individual can only receive one award.

Please feel free to pass this information on to any individual who may be interested.

Thanks you.

Kathy Becker, Senior Director

Email: [email protected]

K911 Training and Communications Coordinator

K911 Liaison II

We cut Graham County 911 Live 7/15/2020. Per Terry McLarty’s spreadsheet they are the 102nd site cut live, less Yoder, AMR, Salina-Shawnee-Sedgwick backups that puts them at the 97th PSAP that went live.
Michele Carpenter is the 911 lead supervisor in the attached photo, she was great to work with.
Cole Presley is the Sheriff and he seemed to be very comfortable with the new system and installation.

upgrade pushing keyboard with finger 3d illustration

This last week was a busy one for the team.  11 sites cut live with i3 and 7 sites cut live with RapidDeploy Radius Plus.

This summer is looking to be even busier with the continuation of updates to i3 and the new map with Radius Plus for the remaining sites.  In addition, we will be bringing five 9-1-1 centers onto the hosted call handling solution by September with three of them in the next 35 days.

These 12 hour days are busy to say the least.