Geographic Information System (GIS)

Geographic Information System (GIS) technology, associated statewide geographic data layers, and location-based system components are the cornerstone of a Next Generation 911 (NG911) system.

Kansas NG911 GIS Committee

The NG911 GIS Committee is comprised of Council members and external GIS subject matter experts.

  • Tasked with recommending GIS data standards and protocols for use by PSAPs, telecommunications carriers, and GIS service providers.
  • Oversees RFI and RFP’s issued on behalf of the Council and recommends selection of vendors and services.
  • Provides oversight of GIS service contracts approved by the Council and coordinates work of GIS providers with PSAPs and other NG911 system stakeholders.
  • Coordinates state level NG911 database administration with database administrator and NG911 stakeholders.
Name (Title)Organization
Ken Nelson (Chair)State of Kansas Geographic Information Officer (GIO)
Kansas Geological Survey, Kansas Data Access & Support Center (DASC)
Sherry Massey (Co-Chair)GIS/Tech Specialist
Kansas 911 Coordinating Council
Kansas Data Access & Support Center (DASC)
Eileen BattlesKansas Data Access & Support Center (DASC)
Eamonn CoveneyCity of Hays/Ellis County
Saralyn HayesMid-America Regional Council (MARC)
Jack JosephSedgwick County Geographic Information Services
Keith ShawAIMS
Johnson County
James StewartKansas Department of Transportation (KDOT)
Sherie TaylorRiley County IT/GIS
William TrimbleKansas Data Access & Support Center (DASC)

Standards, Tools & Policies

GIS Pilot Study (2011) &  GIS Enhancement Project (2013 – 2016)

GIS Pilot Study

In 2011, a GIS Pilot Study was performed to determine the scope of work. The available GIS data for three contiguous counties were evaluated for quality, consistency and interagency alignment. Those counties included: Sedgwick (pop. 500k), Reno (64k) and Kingman (7k).

The GIS Pilot Study results include:

  • Wide range of data quality even within a single jurisdiction
  • Widely variance in available data and in the structure of common layers
  • Relatively poor alignment with the MSAG/ALI Database
  • Primary recommendation: “Construction of a statewide GIS database should begin as soon as possible, beginning with adopting GIS standards…“

GIS Enhancement Project

The GIS Enhancement Project was a three-phase project to get PSAP GIS data ready for NG911. An RFP was issued in Q3 2013 and awarded in Q4 2013.

  • Project A: Gap Analysis: The QA vendor evaluated all of the submitted GIS data and reported the results along with a rough estimate on remediation costs.
  • Project B: Data Remediation: PSAPs selected from five remediation vendors or chose to do the work in-house. Fully remediated data was submitted back to the QA vendor for re-evaluation
  • Project C: Quality Assurance: Every “error” had to be fixed or commented on before it passed QA

Coinciding with the GIS Enhancement Project, the Kansas GIS Data Model was created and statewide imagery was obtained to support the project.

Statewide OrthoImagery and Hosted Solution Map

Statewide NG911 Imagery

Since 2014, the Kansas 911 Coordinating Council (Council) has supported the acquisition of statewide high-resolution orthoimagery (imagery).  This data supports critical components of the Kansas NG911 program, from geospatial data maintenance to call handling mapping.  Following the Council’s strategic plan to acquire imagery every three years, statewide imagery was collected in 2014/15, 2018, and 2021.

The next statewide NG911 imagery acquisition will begin in March, 2024.

The NG911 imagery is available for download and as image services on the Kansas Data Access and Support Center (DASC) Hub site.

State and Local Government Imagery Buy-up Program (ongoing)

While 1-foot pixel resolution imagery is sufficient for NG911 purposes, local government applications often require higher resolution data.  The State and Local Government Buy-up Program streamlines the procurement process and offers cost savings compared to standalone projects.  The current buy-up program also supports the collection of airborne Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) data and other related mapping services.

The local buy-up option is available throughout the three-year contract with Surdex.  Please contact Jack King ( for more information.

Kansas Hosted Call Handling System Status Map

Green – Live on Kansas hosted call handling system

Gray – Kansas City Mid America Regional Council (MARC) region

ESInet & MSAG/GIS Data Alignment

GIS Training, Events and Meetings

NG911 GIS Data Steward & Data Maintainer Certification Classes

The Kansas NG911 GIS Steward Certification Class has moved to the Kansas NG911 Learning Center platform.  

The annual Kansas NG911 GIS Data Maintainer Certification Class is offered as a free pre-conference workshop in conjuction with the Kansas Association of Mappers (KAM) conference that is held in the fall.

For more information, contact Sherry Massey.

2020 Kansas NG911 GIS Data Maintainer Certification Class

GIS Training Videos

Evolution of 911
NG911 GIS Training Series:  Data Model Attributes
NG911 GIS Training Series:  Loading Data into the Template GeoDatabase
NG911 GIS Training Series:  Data Model Topology

Kansas NG911 GIS Toolbox Training Videos

NG911 Toolbox Time:  Compare Road Names
NG911 Toolbox Time:  TN Lists Tools
NG911 Toolbox Time:  Geodatabase conversion v2.0 to v2.1
NG911 Toolbox Time:  ESB Adjustment Steps
NG911 Toolbox Time: ESB Adjustment in ArcMap
NG911 Toolbox Time:  ESB Adjustment in ArcPro
NG911 Toolbox Time:  Topology Exceptions in ArcMap
NG911 Toolbox Time:  Topology Exceptions in ArcPro

NG911 GIS User Group

The NG911 GIS User Group has quarterly webinars and meets in person annually at the Kansas Association of Mappers (KAM) conference.