FCC Wireless Reporting Requirements
The FCC changed its reporting requirements for wireless service providers in reporting the accuracy of location estimates on Phase II 9-1-1 calls in 2011. The new requirements call for accuracy to be measured at the county or PSAP level, with compliance benchmarks being phased in over an eight-year period.

One of the provisions of the revised order is that "A carrier may exclude from compliance particular counties, or portions of counties, where triangulation is not technically possible such as locations where at least three cell sites are not sufficiently visible to a handset. Carriers must file the list of specific counties or portions of counties where they are utilizing this exclusion …"

The FCC further required that the list of excluded counties be filed with the FCC by July 28, 2011 and specified that copies must be sent to the National Emergency Number Association, the Association of Public Safety Officials International, and the National Association of State 9-1-1 Administrators. Per the revised order, any counties on this list may be excluded from accuracy computations during the eight-year period, but will need to comply at the end of that time.

Carriers are allowed to update this list in certain circumstances. Below is the current, updated list.

Carrier List As of January 7, 2013

Explanation Legend
  1. Stand Alone Sites: The county contains an isolated stand-alone site that preclude triangulation.
  2. String of Pearls: There are multiple sites located in a linear string that do not allow for triangulation.
  3. Terrain: The terrain, including, but not limited to mountainous areas, prevents a sufficient number of LMUs from contributing to location attempts.
  4. Distance: There are multiple sites but the distance between them is too great for LMUs to contribute with each other.

State County FIPS Code Explanation
KS Allen 20001 Excluded Distance  
KS Anderson 20003 Excluded Distance  
KS Barber 20007 Excluded Standalone Sites 
KS Bourbon 20011 Excluded String of Pearls
KS Chase 20017 Excluded String of Pearls
KS Clay 20027 Excluded Distance  
KS Cloud 20029 Excluded Distance  
KS Coffey 20031 Excluded Distance  
KS Dickinson 20041 Excluded Distance  
KS Edwards 20047 Excluded Distance  
KS Elk 20049 Excluded Standalone Sites 
KS Greenwood 20073 Excluded Distance  
KS Harper 20077 Excluded Distance  
KS Kingman 20095 Excluded Distance  
KS Linn 20107 Excluded String of Pearls
KS Marion 20115 Excluded Distance  
KS Marshall 20117 Excluded Distance  
KS Miami 20121 Excluded Distance  
KS Mitchell 20123 Excluded Standalone Sites 
KS Morris 20127 Excluded Distance  
KS Nemaha 20131 Excluded Standalone Sites 
KS Pratt 20151 Excluded Distance  
KS Republic 20157 Excluded Distance  
KS Rice 20159 Excluded Standalone Sites 
KS Washington 20201 Excluded Standalone Sites 
KS Woodson 20207 Excluded Distance